Financing your business during the growth phase can be a real challenge.Cash flow is described as business management tool. A healthy cash flows is a very important point for a business. Management continuously search different ways of financing the business, in order to significantly decrease the gap created between the period of liquidation of accounts payable and collection of accounts receivable.
Delayed payment terms on sales in accounts "receivables" have created a cash flow shortage in some industries. Through Factoring, administrators and business owners realize that there is no need to borrow money from banks in order to provide "delayed terms of payment for customers" but they can apply for factoring in order to fulfill their liquidity needs.

  • Financing of Account Recevable

Invoice Factoring 
Invoice factoring is a product that serves and helps businesses to increase the liquidity of the company. Invoice factoring is selling income receivable to a financial institution (ProFactoring Albania). Invoice factoring is a flexible financial solution that helps your business be more competitive in the market. This product is among the most widespread products of factoring.

  • Account Recevable Managment

Accounts Receivables Management is a service offered to Customers as an additional service when the Client seeks only some of the activities that are not for the purpose of direct financing (insurance, collection, calculating Accounts Receivables, etc.). This service can substantially decrease employee costs, since the Factor takes over debt collection (contacting the Debtors, sending reminders, etc.) and employees can concentrate on the operation of the company. 

  • Reverse Factoring

Sometimes known as supplier finance, reverse factoring provides a mutually beneficial cash flow solution for businesses that regularly purchase goods and/or services from the same suppliers, in addition to the suppliers themselves. 
Reverse factoring is therefore designed to improve cash flow across the supply chain as a whole. It involves the customer approving an invoice as soon as it is raised, enabling a factoring company to advance early payment to the supplier against the sales ledger value, minus a small fee for the service.

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing is an ideal way to make an income from an asset without necessarily having its ownership.

Advantages of Factoring

Factoring is an important form of meeting the needs of businesses, for the improvement of working capital.

Advantages of Forfaiting

Forfaiting is one of the most suitable forms for financial trade financing.