Leasing is one of the most effective ways to finance the purchase of a multi-annual productive factor (vehicles, machinery and equipment for individuals or businesses) required to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial activities. Leasing represents a contractual relationship in which the lessor delegates the right of use and possession of the vehicle to the lessee,for a period of time against a periodic payment in respect of the lessor.

The right of ownership is transferred to the lessee after payment of the final installment of leasing.Leasing is legally regulated under the law on financial leasing in the Republic of Albania.

Leasing means to profit from the asset using it and not necessarily possessing the ownership of the asset.

  • Financial leasing

Financial leasing is the most common form and the use of leasing. Funding under this type, carried out for those individuals or companies that will have to use their vehicles financed. In financial leasing, the lease period is fixed and determined approximately how will jet projected economic life of the device. Leasing installments are set so that the total lease payments over the period to cover the cost of the asset, together with the interest and profit of the lessor. At the end of the lease period, the lessee usually has the right to buy the device. The residual value of the asset at the end of the period is too small or insignificant for the landlord.

  • Operational leasing

Operational leasing is a simple rental fee, where tenant makes a contract for short-term use of the device. The lessor buys a device and benefit from renting the property to the users. The lessor bears the risk that represents the residual value of the equipment and the risk of obsolescence of it.

  • Back Leasing

Back Leasing is a bit like financial leasing, except that the tenant is the original owner of the asset. Back Leasing offered to those companies that equipment or tools that they need, they bought with their own funds, or abroad and wish to refinanced 70% of the value of the vehicle (based on the customs declaration or invoice). The tenant and the landlord sells the device enters into a contract, to recover the lease-back asset in exchange for payments of installments. The tenant may use  as capital the funds derived from the sale of equipment .

  • Real Estate Leasing

It is another form of leasing, which makes the financing of real estate, where such properties are: Units malls, shopping centers, construction sites, which are the primary focus of Tirana Factoring & Lease sh.a, referring as a new product for the Albanian market.
Factoring & Lease Tirana in the field of leasing is focused on financing:
Auto leasing- Individual Vehicles; Vehicles for commercial activity; Light commercial vehicles.
Transport leasing- for all means of transport:Urban bus lines; Interurban bus lines; Trucks for national and international transport; Trailers; Refrigerated trucks; tankers; Buses and minibuses for tourism sector
Equipment leasing- industrial production lines; Printing machinery; Construction machinery; Equipment and machinery in the field of services; Medical and Dental Equipment; IT Equipment

Real Estate leasing- property for commercial purposes, such as: Commercial Unit, Hotels, Shopping Centre, land for commercial development,Project development for real estate, etc.

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing is an ideal way to make an income from an asset without necessarily having its ownership.

Advantages of Factoring

Factoring is an important form of meeting the needs of businesses, for the improvement of working capital.

Advantages of Forfaiting

Forfaiting is one of the most suitable forms for financial trade financing.